A portrait and wedding photographer is more than a person who artistically and skillfully captures people naturally being themselves in any given moment.

They are also people who add to your experience because of who they are and how they connect with you and your family (fur-amily) and friends.

When you and a photographer are a good match, it makes for a positive experience and wonderful photos.

Here's a little about me!

  • The beautiful state of Virginia is where I live but the feeling of home is being with my husband (wonderful guys do exist!) and super sweet squirrel-chasin' nap-takin' rescue dog-hter.

  • Positivity and laughter are a big part of my daily life! (It's a safe space; pun-ny jokes welcome!)

  • Diving into genuine conversations is one of my favorite things to do.

  • The passion for photographing stems from my love for all-things creative, people and Jesus.

  • My bucket list includes: traveling across the US, learning to sew, zip lining through the Shenandoah (praying for courage!) and adopting another rescue dog.

  • I'm a sentimental sap for home movies on VHS, my daddy's old hat, handwritten cards and oh-so-many photos (shocker!).

  • Speaking of daddy, he was the one who taught me how to use a film camera, and years later I started this business in memory of him.

  • Marathon YouTube viewings of sleepy puppies and silly dogs always cheer me up (add a bowl of ice-cream to the experience and there goes my day).

  • Favorite dates with the hubs include stargazing bonfire nights by the rivah dancing to our wedding playlist; activities outdoors and on the water; or board games followed by epic karaoke (that's what we keep telling ourselves anyway).

  • I believe that ordinary people are doing extraordinary things everyday.

  • Brightening another person's day through encouraging words and random acts of kindness makes my heart smile (really big).

  • I often think of the people I meet and keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  • I love to smile, see people smile and believe life's too short not to smile. :)

Because of God's love for me, I'm passionate about helping people see themselves and others as wonderfully unique, incredibly valued and abundantly loved.

This is the heart behind why I capture people (and moments) organically.

Kim Pham Clark Photography

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