Tina + Paul {engagement}

When Tina and Paul connected, little did they know that it would lead them to the next chapter of life - together, beginning their happily ever after. (It’s no surprise that their family and friends are also excited to start celebrating!) Tina and Paul love to spend time in Arlington and around Washington, D.C. taking in all the culture, history and beauty this area offers. So naturally, their engagement session took place at some of those special spots, one of which was the Tidal Basin with views of the Washington Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Paul’s charm and humor makes Tina smile and laugh with such ease, and the looks of adoration she gives to him seems to lift his spirits, bringing them even closer. The day was filled with sunshine, warmth and blue skies (which was really special given the crazy weather that’s been passing through); what rounded out the session magnificently was finishing at the very spot that Paul proposed to Tina - the Air Force Memorial! Here’s a sneak peek of their session!

Thank you for letting me share a part of your story, Tina and Paul! I wish you a blessed engagement. 

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