Jacci + Alan {portrait}

Last March, Jacci and Alan decided to get dressed up for a portrait session to celebrate becoming a soon-to-be family of three. Well, the time has arrived; it’s my honor to introduce you to Alice! (Congratulations again!) Without a doubt she was worth the wait. Her little fingers and toes and subtle facial expressions and gazes are precious. This portrait session was a wonderful chance to document their first time as a family, and in the comfort and joy of their home! Jacci and Alan will have these photos to cherish for many years, and also to pass on to Alice later on - what a gift! Enjoy the highlights to their session! (This session had photos in color and black and white however I thought it would be wonderful to see some highlights of this story in the timeless beauty of black and white.) .

Thank you for letting me share a part of your story, Jacci and Alan! I wish your family a blessed future.

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© Kim Pham Clark