Inspiration: No One Like You

It’s so easy to see other people and their lives, and, even without meaning to, and even if for a moment, begin to look at our own lives.

We can reflect and use that as an opportunity to be inspired and improve our lives in some way.

- or -

We can fall into the trap of negative thinking that causes us to compare ourselves to others in the most unhealthy, and at times, self-destructive ways.

I want to remind you that you are wonderfully unique, incredibly valued and abundantly loved. There is no one like you and that’s a beautiful thing!

This is why I encourage people to embrace their uniqueness. Let those who love you celebrate you for you.

As a photographer, I gently remind clients that the people in their life love them for them.

It doesn’t mean that those same people wouldn’t want you to be a better you. It means that they love and accept you for you, and support you in whatever healthy improvements you want to make.

I’ve had potential clients inquire about the use of Photoshop to remove or fix x, y and z. If we’re honest, we all have some insecurities of some sort, right? I’m sensitive to why people bring these things up and listen with care. I’m glad that people feel safe enough to share.

My style is to capture people as they are because:

  1. their uniqueness is the beauty that sets them apart from others.

  2. the people who love them love all of them just as they are.

Removing or fixing bits and pieces of people means that I’m no longer capturing the person I see, the person those they love see.

My photos celebrate the people I capture, and encourages those they love to celebrate them, too!

There is no one like you. Celebrate you!

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