Inspiration: Quiet Time

In a world where things are going at such a fast pace and with constant noise, it can be hard to just slow down for some quiet time.

Quiet time can look very different for each person. The idea is to put aside time each day where you can allow yourself the freedom to breakaway from things you consider noise (literally or metaphorically).

The amount of quiet time is what you determine will make a difference for you.

Understandably, there is lot happening in life and some of it is out of our control. The area that is in your control, make quiet time a priority. After all, anything we find important, we tend to move things around to make them work.

What do you do during quiet time anyway?

Anything you feel would allow you to shut off/out the distractions of the world so that you can relax, clear your mind and just be present. You could go for a walk through a nature trail, meditate, listen to soothing music, paint, write, garden, pray, just to suggest a few ideas.

Added bonuses to quiet time? Taking care of yourself helps you be the best you, and equips you to better give to others.

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