Tip: Because Pockets


Why is there a topic on just pockets? Because pockets.

Raise your hand if you’re someone who wears clothes that have pockets? Not sure? Do you own a pair of shorts or pants, skirt or dress, sweater, blazer or sports jacket, outerwear like a vest or coat? Then it’s likely you’re part of the club!

No biggie, lots of clothes have pockets these days. Fashion designers are clever to mix functionality and style! Personally, I love pockets so I definitely appreciate having them!

It’s quite easy to be on auto-pilot and slide everyday items into your pockets: keys, cell phone, wallet, cash/change, receipts, business cards, candy/gum, tissue, nail clippers/file, lip balm, etc. (“How big are these pockets?!” )

So, as you might imagine, when it comes to photographing people with (lots) of items in their pockets, it shows in the photos.

  • Sometimes the items like to make an appearance and partially hang out of the pocket.

  • Or, when they’re well-behaved, they all stay neatly inside the pocket but now the outside of the pocket shows a defining outline of the items piled up.

Oh, and if on the occasion you may want to put/rest your hands inside the pockets, prime real estate has been taken up by the pile of items already snuggled inside.

So what are you to do?

Here are four suggestions that I typically share with clients:

  1. Empty the pockets and leave all of the items at home.

  2. If it’s only one or two small items (i.e. a piece of candy, Driver’s License), put them in the pocket and see if the outside of the pocket shows an outline of the items. If they do, see suggestions #1, #3 and #4.

  3. If there are items that can’t be in the pockets and can’t be left at home, put them in the car.

  4. If there are items that can’t be left in the car, put the items in a pouch and carry it with you. During a session, leave it on the ground next to the photographer while they shoot and then pick up and carry the pouch to the next spot. During an event, have a designated person carry and make the pouch available to you as needed.

Quick Tip: Get a pouch that has an easy cinch or quick zip option. This helps to keep your items secure in case you drop the pouch.

The next time you prepare for a session or event and want to fill your pockets with items, remember two words: because pockets.

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