Tip: Food for Thought

Let me say upfront that I enjoy delicious food and drinks like most people! This post isn’t about going on a diet or a big lifestyle shift (although, if it inspires a positive change, great!). It’s about sharing another element that can help you to prepare for your photo session or event.

Similar to what I wrote about in the need to sleep, eating and drinking well can make a positive difference in how you feel and look.

  • How have you felt after eating a heavy meal like pasta or pizza, or something else that is a bit on the salty or greasy side like fries or another fried-something-or-other?

  • How about when you’ve had an extra sugary or another kind of splurge-of-a-drink?

  • Or, if you have/do not eat or drink any of those things, can you think of any foods or beverages you have had to eat or drink (past or present) that doesn’t cause you to feel your best?

Here are four reasons why having you feel your best for your photo session or event is important:

  1. If you’re feeling good physically, it’ll affect your personal outlook.

  2. If you have a good personal outlook, it’ll affect your mood.

  3. If you’re in a good mood, it’ll affect how you’ll want to participate in the session or event.

  4. If your participation is you being present, relaxed and free to be yourself, it’ll impact the moments being captured - hopefully photos that will bring you back to a positive experience!

What’s the timeframe for doing preparation like this? It really depends on the individual.

  • Some people may tweak their choices of food and drinks a week (or more, if they choose) leading up to a session or event.

  • Or, if they already practice these habits, sometimes they just tweak their choices of food and drinks one to two days beforehand.

You know your body best!

Quick Tip: I’m all for a buddy system! If there will be others who will join you in the photo session or event, consider doing this together. Bonus? After the session or event is over, go and enjoy a splurge of your choice!

What kinds of foods or drinks are helpful? Relative to your health and body’s needs, a reasonable amount of vegetables, fruits, proteins and water, water, water!

Quick Tip: If you have an interest in diving into this as a lifestyle change, consider meeting with a certified nutritionist who will take the necessary time to get to know you, your overall health and history, and your goals so that you both can come up with a reasonable and achievable healthy lifestyle plan.

Photos have a way of bringing people back to a respective moment or experience in time. Let your photos bring you back to good memories!

I hope the four reasons I shared will help you consider different foods and drinks to help you feel and look your best! When you arrive at the session or event, you’re gonna be ready to rock it, have a fun time and walk away with great memories!!

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