Tip: Groom-ing

Believe it or not, guys need to prepare, too! Not to worry; there some easy steps to make it manageable.

So, why bother preparing anyway? You look great with the simple shower-and-go steps, and it’s worked for you this far, right?

First things first - yes, you do look great already! After all, you caught the eye of your other half, right?

Work with me for a minute. Remember back when you were going to meet your other half for the first time? Do you remember how you wanted to make a good first impression? Getting ready to be photographed is a little similar.

This is one of those times in your life where you’ll have a good reason to dress up and enjoy a new experience with your other half! Why not make the most of it? (Especially when you’re going to have these photos to remember for, well, ever.)

OK, so let’s get to it!

Cameras can pick up details that people may not be aware of (maybe not right away, anyway). For example:

  • wispy strands of hair/bangs that settle in different directions

  • longer than usual strands of eyebrow hair

  • nose hair making an outside appearance

  • unruly mustache/beard strands

  • ear wax

  • fingernails trimmed in geometric angles

  • dry skin (particularly in the face/forehead and hands)

It’s quite a list, huh?

You may be wondering, “how long is it going to take to do all of this stuff?” Everyone is different so some things may apply to some people; others may need to do all of it. Either way, here’s a convenient checklist to make sure nothing’s missed!

Get Prepped in Seven Days

Day 1 - One Week Before the Session or Event
Trim the eyebrows.

Day 2
Trim the finger nails, with a light filing to round out the geometric angles.

Day 3
Pay a little visit to the ears.

Day 4 - Halfway There!
Take a break. (Surprised you, didn’t I?! A guy’s gotta have a break, right? You earned it!)

Day 5
Trim the ear and nose hair.

Day 6
Trim the mustache/beard.

Day 7 - The Day of the Session or Event
Do the other things you normally would, like when you’re getting ready for that first date!

  • Styling your hair.
    NOTE: Avoid getting haircuts close to the day of the session or event. Most of the time, things work out, however, if something does goes wrong, there’s not enough time to grow it out.

  • Touch up facial hair.

  • Teeth brushing and mouth wash.

  • Moisturize. (OK, you caught me! I snuck in this one! Check out this post about why this is important - for everyone.)

  • Dab a little of that favorite cologne.

Quick Tip: Write each day’s step on its own Post-It note and stick them on your bathroom mirror. As you get each one done, toss the note! (Instead of Post-It notes, dry erase markers work on mirrors, too!)

If you’ve already got a system that works well, great! If not, hopefully the seven-ish easy steps help make it more manageable!

You’re gonna look and feel good, and your other half will appreciate it, too!

Now go rock that session or event! Those photos are going to be awesome!

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