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I get questions asking for suggestions about how to style hair for a session or event. While I’m honored to be asked (and happy to help!), I’m also not a professional hair stylist. Here’s what I do share…

Professional hair stylists are artists who are educated and trained to work with a variety of hair types and styles with consideration to products and even environmental elements that can affect hair.

There are also stylists who only specialize in working with certain types of hair. Similarly, there are professional hair colorists who develop the perfect hue for hair. Yup! There’s way more to them than the hip hair style they adorn and the snazzy shears they use!

Like people, hair is unique. I recommend for clients to work with a trusted stylist to find out what may work best for them.

A stylist can make the best suggestions for:

  • which style will be minimal maintenance.

  • how to create the most volume.

  • options and methods to style a particular cut.

  • products to hold the style longest and with regard to particular weather conditions (think about those wispy strands of fly-aways, and especially on windy days!).

    The list goes on but you get the idea.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute. Meet with your stylist early.

  • If they’re reputable then it may be weeks before you can get in to see them. Schedule the appointment as soon as possible. Can’t get an appointment in time? Ask them for a recommendation for another stylist.

  • If you try out a new stylist and/or haircut and decide you’d like an adjustment to the hair, there’s time to grow it out a little for that adjustment.

  • If you’re exploring new ways to style your hair, allow yourself time to play with it. Like with many things, practice makes perfect!

Quick Tip: Take selfies, or have someone take a photo for you, to see different perspectives of the style. Also, give it a couple of days and revisit the photo to be sure of your opinion.

How can you put so much trust in a stylist? Well, with reputable ones anyway, the trust factor is mutual. They want to make your hair look as good as you want them to because you’re a walking portfolio of their artistry.

In all the years I’ve photographed people, whenever they’ve arrived and shared that their hair was styled and in place the way they wanted it, they’ve expressed that they have felt their best and most confident - and it showed in the photos!

You may be preparing for a session or an event, either way, take time to work with a professional to get the results you want because those photos will hold that amazing style forever!

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