Tip: The Need to Sleep

When I share with clients that sleep should be on their list for preparing for a photo session or event, they usually give a little chuckle.

I mean, we all know that good sleep is beneficial. But like lots of other things, how often do we actually do what’s good for us? OK, good point; that’s for another blog post! So, back to the topic at hand!

I suggest to clients to determine the amount of sleep that will allow them to feel most rested. Then I encourage them to make it happen the night before their session or event. Why?

  1. You’ll wake up rested.
    Ever try to do something fun when all you want to do is sleep?

  2. You’ll feel your best.
    How much effort do you put into something when you’re only feeling at 50%?

  3. You’ll have a better outlook.
    Do you have a better attitude when you’ve had good sleep?

  4. You’ll look your best.
    Does anyone wear a tired look well?

How you show up to the session or event will show up in your photos.

Photos have a way of bringing people back to a respective moment or experience in time. Let your photos bring you back to good memories!

I hope the four reasons I shared will motivate you to treat yourself to a good night’s sleep! When you arrive at the session or event, you’re gonna be ready to rock it, have a fun time and walk away with great memories!

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