I'm humbly thankful for such kind words from clients who are a part of KPC + friends.

It's truly an honor to be a part of such amazing moments in their lives, surrounded by those they love most.

I would definitely recommend Kim to anyone looking for a fantastic photographer! From our first phone conversation through finalizing the wedding pictures she was fun and easy to work with. She gave us great advice but was never pushy, was flexible throughout, and really made my husband and I (who are definitely both a bit camera shy) truly feel comfortable (and special) through both our engagement session and the big day. And most importantly, the final wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous! ~~Erin


One of the best choices we made for our wedding was picking Kim for our photography. After the first time we met, I felt like we had been friends for years. She listened to us tell our love story and laughed at my husband’s ridiculous jokes. Her love of her friends and family was apparent from the start and I think that is what makes her photography special. You can see the love she puts into it. Getting to know us, finding those special moments and capturing us as we are. We had some surprises for our wedding and Kim was a great confidant and made sure to really capture those moments for us. Besides her beautiful photography, Kim is a wonderful communicator and goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs as a couple. Her style is romantic, intimate and timeless. We hope to have the opportunity to work with Kim again in the future. ~~Marissa


From the moment I received my first email and looked at her website I was sold! Kim met with me and my, at the time, fiancé for a no-obligation consultation. During this time she told us about herself and her work, her passion and asked us what we were looking for. She listened to us, our hopes, the description of the venue, everything. This meeting was pretty much the icing on the cake, I knew I wanted Kim to be my photographer. We booked her immediately. Scheduling our engagement shoot, our anniversary shoot and all details leading up to the wedding were so easy with Kim. She kept in constant communication throughout the entire process through emails and phone calls. Details are really important to Kim and she always sent me written communication after we spoke on the phone to go over what we talked about. About a week and a half leading up to the wedding Kim and I had multiple emails and a long phone conversation to cover all the shots my husband and I wanted on our wedding day, the schedule of events and all other details that needed to be discussed. Our wedding day came and it was HOT. Our venue was outside the entire time without even the slightest breeze. Kim nor her husband ever faltered. We had a large bridal party, a lot of family, and some special shots and we got them all (well all the ones I could stand since it was over 100 degrees and I was in a wedding dress!). Wow this turned into a long review! But I want you all to know that Kim Pham Clark Photography is the best choice for wedding, engagement, family or anything you are wanting photographed. She is professional, caring and shows her true passion through her work. You will NOT be disappointed when you choose her! ~~Leslie


Kim was not only very professional in our dealings both before, during, and after our wedding; but the quality and turnout of our product was fantastic as well. We received comments from our friends and family that all said the same. We were so glad to have worked with Kim! ~~Lori 


If you are looking for a great wedding photographer, look no further than Kim. Kim was the photographer for our local wedding reception in Virginia, and she was fantastic throughout the entire process. Kim was responsive, helpful, incredibly knowledgeable and informative, and always so professional and friendly. She was one of the easiest parts of our wedding planning process, was so flexible and always made us feel comfortable. Kim proved she has a great eye for photography too. The finished products are just beautiful; we couldn't be happier with the results. We highly recommend Kim; you won't be disappointed! ~~Nicole


The photos are fantastic! Thank you so much! We had a blast looking through them. Kim truly did a great job, it's hard to pick a favorite picture. I'm so excited about these, and our future wedding pics. We're definitely glad we picked Kim as our photographer! ~~Erin  



I found Kim to be a calming force during a hurricane. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful but Kim was flexible, approachable and fun. She absolutely listened to my concerns, endless emails and questions but at no point did I ever feel like I ever put her out. She got amazing pictures during our wedding and wasn't intrusive--one guest told us, "Your photographer was like Spider Man--she jumped in, click, click, click, got the shot, then disappeared!" After the ceremony she kept us apprised of what was going on in the process. We are actually disappointed that we don't have to keep communicating with her now. Like anything else, you can find individuals on the very low end of the spectrum and very high. Is Kim the least expensive? No, but you will absolutely NOT be disappointed. A month after our wedding we attended a friend's wedding and saw the work of their photographer and all we could do is be amazed at how lucky we were. Every time we look at our pictures and album we smile all over and talk about what a great day it was. ~~Daedra


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The photos are spectacular! Kim is SO talented and we are thrilled she was our wedding photographer. We absolutely LOVE the photographs! ~~CK


Kim is a fantastic photographer who makes sure to give you the best product possible. We were super impressed with the quality of her photos. The photos looked amazing and we were so happy by the candid shots she took, we didn't realize she was even shooting. In one shot she caught our niece in the act of "not touching" the desserts but sticking her nose in one of them. She caught things that many others missed. We would hire Kim again at any time. She went above and beyond for our wedding and she is a first class photographer. ~~Danielle


Such beautiful, beautiful pictures! We will enjoy reliving our wedding one picture at a time. Kim captured the beauty of the day, but more importantly the emotion and the sacredness of the day. Many thanks to Kim for sharing her gifts to capture our most special day!!!! ~~Deb


Kim is professional, flexible and creative. She communicated via phone, email and even worked together on ideas. Kim was well prepared and had scoped out the area prior to our photo shoot, went through multiple scenarios and asked questions about how we wanted the "feel of the session/shoot" to go. She was not only concerned about getting the right lighting, angle and photograph, but was also about our comfort (it was cold that day!) and that of our dog. She was on par price-wise (and in some cases) more affordable than other photographers and the quality of the work was wonderful. We are using her photographs for our wedding guest book and wedding website! ~~Mari


My fiance and I loved our engagement session with Kim! We had planned to take our photos at the Tidal Basin with the Cherry Blossoms but due to the unusually warm winter, the Cherry Blossoms bloomed almost a month before our scheduled photo session. Kim was so helpful and flexible and we were able to move our engagement session up two weeks so that we were still able to include the Cherry Blossoms. She was absolutely professional throughout the photo session and really listened to our opinions and provided us options regarding poses and locations for the pictures. Kim was also very accommodating with the photos we wanted to have taken even though our session ran over an hour extra. The pictures turned out better than we had ever hoped for and we are definitely looking forward to her taking our wedding photos next year. She is an amazing photographer who really helps you feel comfortable and involved in the process. We highly recommend her! ~~Kathryn


We worked with Kim the first time to do our engagement photo shoot. The photos came out so beautiful, vibrant, and colorful, even on a dreary day. At that point, I decided to have her work with me to photograph the first seasons of our married life. She worked with me from the concept phase, and regularly communicated ideas for shots. She would suggest great angles and backdrops that worked best for SO and I. Throughout all the photos, she captured our personalities, kept us energized and laughing, and we shone through in the pictures. She even captured us with our fur babies! (that was very important to me!) She is a pleasure to work with, as our photography styles matched well. True professional through and through. ~~Mari


I would most definitely recommend Kim. It was a great experience. Though there are many other photographers out there, I am more comfortable trusting someone who cares about providing high quality photographs. She's more than just a photographer, but rather someone who really cares for her clients. During the shoot, she was very professional, candid and receptive to our ideas, which we appreciated. Anything we had questions about were answered on the spot and Kim was very friendly. Kim always sent emails in a timely manner. Kim was very patient and very flexible. She went above and beyond. We really like the photos; can't stop smiling! ~~Portrait Client


Coordinating with Kim was extremely helpful. Not having had a photo shoot on location before, she was thorough in preparing us for the event. Communicating with Kim is simple and easy, either via email, by phone, or face-to-face. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I was/am ecstatic with the results. It was amazing to see the pictures of my family. I greatly appreciate the quick processing and the ability to share with friends and family. Kim's ability to capture images are inspiring. I can't wait for our next session. ~~Portrait Client


Kim is a great photographer. She has done photos for my family twice now, capturing precious moments in our lives. She's very creative and fun to pose for. Can't forget her flexibility, her patience and her always positive vibe! ~~Rachel


I absolutely LOVE how Kim Pham Clark can capture a moment and give the illusion that we are the only people on location. She has an amazing artistic eye. Seeing the photos come to life is truly magical. She makes an ordinary setting look surreal when you see the finished products. I am an absolute fan of her work. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to take advantage of her talents. ~~Jocelyn


Kim Pham Clark is extremely professional. She made it a very pleasant experience and is well-versed in what she is doing. Kim makes you feel extremely comfortable, which helps to achieve very candid pictures. I would definitely refer Kim Pham Clark's portrait work, she is simply amazing at that. Kim is extremely prompt when it comes to communication, and is very organized when it comes to asking you what you would like and working around that. The pictures came out great and I am extremely pleased with them. I would say the product outcome is of extremely high quality and worth the money for sure. ~~Portrait Client


Kim was very friendly and was easy to collaborate ideas with to get a good array of photos. The session was professional but was also personal due to Kim's easy-going personality. Would definitely recommend Kim Pham Clark to anybody that is getting their first photo-shoot. Kim made a great effort to reach out to me and make the photo shoot less awkward and I greatly appreciated that. ~~WD


WOW!!  Oh we are so thrilled! We can't thank Kim enough!  You can tell how relaxed we were, I loved the ones with the kids climbing on us.  I'm so happy Kim was able to take our photos, especially with the kids being so at ease with her.  She really captured their spirit. We will cherish these. ~~Jessica


Kim Clark was our event photographer. Kim displayed nothing but professionalism in her craft. Not only are her photography skills amazing, her personality is as well. She is very easy to work with and is willing to do what it takes to deliver the perfect pictures to her clients. I really recommend Kim for any future business as my organization looks forward to working with her again and again. ~~Special Event Client