It's not a matter of if but when life's challenges will occur...

  • a family's home that has been devastated

  • a child(ren) who has/have lost a parent(s)/guardian

  • an individual/family leaving an unhealthy/dangerous situation

  • an individual who is battling a life-threatening illness or has a long recovery ahead

...these are just a few examples of times when people need encouragement most.

The Love Project helps remind people that they are not defined by their circumstances and,

through every situation, God always sees them as

wonderfully unique, incredibly valued and abundantly loved.  

The Love Project provides photo keepsakes to individuals/families. These gifts go beyond images, it's what they symbolize...

  • a family that has bonded and are rebuilding their life

  • a child(ren) who is/are reminded how much they matter and are loved

  • an/a individual/family who has overcome and is bravely beginning a new journey

  • an individual who has hope and strives to make the most of each day

When people are given a photo of themselves, it helps them see how special they are, reminds them of how far they've come and inspires them to live life with more positivity, perseverance and purpose.

When people are given a photo of their family, it helps them to see the unique legacy they carry, reminds them of the special bond they have and inspires them to make a positive impact for future generations.


When Kim Pham Clark Photography Grows, So Does the Love Project

  1. Connect with Kim Pham Clark. Like the Facebook page and follow on Instagram. When friends/follows increase, more people can be reached!

  2. Refer family, friends and colleagues to Kim Pham Clark Photography. Mention the Love Project when booking services for a little surprise!

  3. Host a Love Project event. Think of the groups and organizations you're a part of and invite them to host with you. Let's chat!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Love Project

1)  What's the story behind the Love Project?

We all have stories; here's mine in short. In my earlier years, I went through a lot of tough experiences. So at times, my view of life and myself were not always positive. But, through my relationship with Jesus, my outlook on life, and myself, changed because I learned about how God truly sees me (and everyone) - wonderfully unique, incredibly valued and abundantly loved. It is such a gift to know this and I believe everyone deserves the chance to experience the same! 

2)  Is the Love Project a non-profit?

No. It's a personal project that's close to my heart. 

3)  How is it funded?

When a client books my photography services and/or purchases products, their investment enables me to fund the Love Project - coordination of the session, photography time, post-processing work, materials, products and/or travel expenses. 

4)  How do you find recipients?

Sometimes it's through activities that I'm involved in or connected to or people who know of recipients contact me directly. 

5)  How many individuals or families are you able to bless?

It varies. The Love Project is dependent upon the success of Kim Pham Clark Photography - so when things are going well, the Love Project becomes a big blessing to others! 

6)  Where do the sessions take place?

They take place in Northern Virginia or Northern Neck Virginia however I'm open to other areas if there is enough funding to do so or an individual/group chooses to host a Love Project event. (See FAQ #8.)

7)  An individual or family comes to mind, what is the next step?

It's wonderful of you to think of them! Let's chat!

8)  Can my family, community, church, club or company host a Love Project event?

Yes! Book my services for a half- or full-day of photography services at one location of choice (see FAQ #6). We'll work together to get everything set up for the session(s). Once the photos are ready, you present the photos to the recipients in any meaningful way you would like. Let's chat!

9)  Do you have photographs of recipients who have been blessed by the Love Project?

The Love Project is for those special individuals/families. Each individual's/family's story is/are unique and sometimes very sensitive in nature. I fully respect the privacy of the individual/family and do not share their photographs unless they express that it's something they are comfortable with doing.