Sometimes family can be the best of friends and sometimes friends can be the best of family (or fur-mily)!

It's family time!

It seems like life today is so much busier and crazier than ever, right? So what does that have to do with investing in portraits?

Because life is precious and fleeting. Because time with loved ones is priceless. Because photos become special heirlooms and legacies to pass on.

Photos truly are among the top most prized possessions people cherish immensely.

I love capturing moments where people are fully present, relaxing, reconnecting and completely being themselves - a perfect time to make new memories and to grow closer in the midst of this fast-paced ever-changing world. 

Thinking about a portrait session with loved ones? (This definitely includes furbabies, too!) Life's too short, why not?! Come on, friend! Let's chat!